2D Gel Matching

Point-Pattern-Matching for the analysis of 2D gel images

Short Overview
Project Description
CAROL program

This project is funded by the DFG. It is a joint project of the department of computer science of the Free University of Berlin and the German Heart Center Berlin. The project is about 2-dimensional gel images which are produced by high resolution gel electrophoresis techniques.

Each spot in such a gel image represents a single protein.

In order to identify the proteins in a gel image a pattern matching between this gel image and another gel image which contains information on the identity of the proteins is performed. Up to now this pattern matching is mostly based upon a detailed (and time consuming) visual comparison of the images by experienced personnel.

The goal of the project is to apply pattern matching techniques based on point pattern matching algorithms in computational geometry to the gel matching problem. Additionally, a 2D-gel protein database is going to be built up and maintained.

With a Java capable browser the program CAROL, that performs the matching task, can be started. Since this applet is still under construction it does not have yet its full functionality. Therefore we ask you to be patient if something does not work correctly and, please, try it again another time.

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