2D Gel Matching

Point-Pattern-Matching for the analysis of 2D gel images

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</COMMENT> <b>Please turn on your java interpreter.</b><br>

In order to restart the applet hold the Shift-button on your keyboard and click on the reload button of your browser.

If you are using a JAVATM 2 capable browser a window will pop up that contains the gel matching program. It will take a while to load the program, so please be patient. In order to restart the program (when using Netscape) press Shift on your keyboard while simultanuously clicking on the Reload button in your browser. For information on errors occuring during program execution it is helpful to open the java console.

For a better speed performance it is possible to download the program as application. To run the program you need a JAVATM 2 runtime environment (JRE) or a comparably JAVATM 2 virtual machine. You can download the Sun JRE 2 at www.java.sun.com for Linux, Solaris and Windows. At developer.apple.com/java you can find a JAVATM 2 runtime environment for Macintosh computers.

The applet is the graphical user interface for a C++ server program, which runs on the web server of the computer science department of the Free University of Berlin. Therefore the applet can only be executed if the server program is running. If the server program is not running the applet is not going to be able to run. In that case we ask you to please try another time. The io connection between the two program parts is established via internet sockets. Therefore machines behind a firewall are most likely not allowed to communicate with the gelmatching server which means that an execution of the CAROL system is not possible. Proxies might as well cause the same problems.

Yet it is only possible to download the user interface part; the downloaded program still has to communicate with the gelmatching server via the internet. For questions or comments feel free to send an e-mail. A Help Page is also available.

Updates, problems, bugs:

  • Version Update: The new version is based on JAVATM 2. Fixed bug in thread handling and image displaying problems. Added Gel Series Mode to manage more than two gels at the same time (this feature is only avalible in the downloadable application version). 05-14-01
  • Execution problems when no local match has been found: Fixed on 12-7-98.
  • Built-in spotdetection: When the downloaded program is started as an application it is now possible to run a spotdetection algorithm for a locally loaded gif-file. 07-28-98
  • Error Windows: The Netscape Communicator on Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms did not suspend threads. This caused a lot of error windows to pop up and made a correct program execution impossible. Bug fixed on Fri, 06-19-98.
  • Image displaying: On some platforms gif-images are sometimes not displayed. This is a java bug which seems to be fixed in java version 1.2.
  • Internet Explorer: There were problems with the initialization of the applet. Problem fixed on Mo, 06-22-98.

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